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Character: Regis Lucis Caelum
Age: 50
Canon: Final Fantasy XV
Canon Point: At the end of Kingsglaive / end of chapter 1 of the game.

Background: Regis at the Final Fantasy wiki.

With Regis, one has to start with the awareness that he has spent the majority of his fifty years doing what he must as opposed to what he would. The man with his preferences, with likes and dislikes and passions and reactions and humanity is very much present, and occasionally peers out, but he is mostly submerged beneath the King, the man who has led the last stand in a losing war over nearly three decades, and who has had to watch his son growing up only knowing what his fate is to be. And, worst of all, knowing that he is helpless to change the course of either events.

All he could do was to hold off the inevitable to the best of his ability, letting as many people survive and thrive for as long as he could, and to attempt to give his son a good life.

That has warped to a great degree who he used to be, who he might have been. And though he has many regrets, doing what he could do, as long as he could do it - that is not one of them.

Beneath the needed and right, there seem to be certain similarities between Regis and his son Noctis. They share traits such as dislike for greens or the propensity to stay quiet about what is troubling them until they go into action about it - or have a fit of temper. But Regis is a lot more polished, and he acts despite his preferences, when it is for the better. He will swallow down hurt in order to give people (Noct included) a little more brightness to carry with them. He will swallow down his anger to listen to the terms of a proposed treaty and judge them not for personal reaction, but for what is good for the country - for his people. He will swallow down his pride, to do what needs to be done. Whether it's personal or state level of matter.

But the reactions are there. When he is angry, his words are quiet, but strong, and they burn. When he intends to deliver an insult, he is scathing. When he feels that he has failed somebody, he can give his own life to amend that failure. When he loves people, he wants to save them from the inevitable bad end that he sees. He wants to make them laugh, too, no matter what the cost for him. He wants to set them free, he wants for everyone to be free and happy. He is very affectionate, Regis is, except he often does not have a chance to show it.

Because he has been fighting a losing war, and has been giving more and more of himself into it. He pours not only time, or his emotions, into the struggle, but literally his life force to put off what he knows is inevitable. So he ends up infinitely busy and exhausted. A little bit peevish, but.

At the very end, the words thrown in his face are 'where is your serenity now, king?'

All of this - his personal pain and preference and joy, all of his despair, both individual and royal? He has kept it under the cover of a serene king. He has tried - and, short of some malcontents, some of whom are shown to be not all with reality, succeeded - to create a country, or at least a capital, where those not touched by the war can live in serenity.

A king of war who has given every last ounce of his strength to bring peace. A man - and father - in pain who tries to bring joy. A man of light who can see the gathering of the shadows. A man who tries his best, and it's not good enough, but that is not a reason to stop trying. A man who takes small joys where he can, but will not put his joy above anyone else's. (He let down friends, and children who looked up to him, for the sake of saving Noctis. And it haunted him for over a decade, but he would do that all over again, anyway.)

In the end, what drives him boils to 'what needs to be done.' Attempting diplomacy, fighting on the front lines, staying away from those front lines, giving and giving and giving, and denying, too. What needs to be done, he will do.

That is Regis Lucis Caelum, one hundred and thirteenth king of Lucis.

The Lucis Caelum line is one imbued with Magic, a gift from the Six Gods - the Astrals - of the world of Eos. The gifts they have are varied - and one of the key abilities is to grant the use of those gifts to other people. Not all of the abilities listed below are shown to be used by Regis himself, but the Kingsglaive corps members have showed them, at one time or another. This delegation of powers does cost Regis greatly, however.
* Elemental magic. Fire, ice, lightning. Regis can use this directly, delegate the use to the Glaives, and 'bottle' spells for separate use by people when they need them.
* Warping - rapid motion / teleportation, either to a weapon that is thrown forward, or away from an attack as in phasing to evade it. Regis is not shown to use this, but the Glaives do, all the time.
* Camouflage - an ability displayed by Libertus where he becomes nearly invisible.
* Weapons swap - Now Regis is holding a weapon, now it is gone without much of a trace but the memory. And he can call it back again. These are physical weapons, as opposed to the Royal Arms below, which take up an odd space between spiritual and physical.
* Protective walls - this is a skill that Noctis does not show, but both Regis and Nyx (as well as others in the Glaive) are capable of using them. They tend to be spherical in shape, even if it is only a portion of a sphere. Air, light, rain pass through them without a problem. Not weapons, however. This definitely costs the King a lot to maintain. Before Regis's time, it was chosen that the Wall that used to protect Lucis would be pulled back to only cover the capital, Insomnia, and to be made stronger.
* Royal Arms - the soul of an ancestor, embodied by the weapon that symbolizes them. These are an inseparable part of the King, once he has acquired them.
* The Ring of the Lucii - along with the Crystal, they are the source of the incredible range / potency of the magic of the King of Lucis. The Ring holds the souls of the kings who have passed, and they judge if the wearer is worthy to wear it and access its power. Regis does not have the Ring. It was cut off from Regis's hand, and he later entrusted it to Lunafreya to give to Noctis.
* Healing. This is not a strong skill for the Lucis Caelum line (unlike the Oracle of the Nox Fleuret House), but potions and elixirs are still basically energy drinks imbued with healing capacity by the King (or the Prince).
* Summoning. Regis can summon some of the six Astrals in difficult battles. However, that is not an ability relevant to Empatheias.

Alignment: Piphron. Regis has been to a very great extent defined by his duty, which is a sort of loyalty to those who are his subjects, and also to what has been entrusted to his line to keep and protect.

He is also very likely to incite either loyalty and trust, or betrayal, in people who interact with him.

The fingers of his left hand are somewhat weakened because they were cut off in the last battle. He was restored to wholeness upon perishing, but the memory lingers.


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